NoT – NFTs

Welcome to our News on T-shirt NFT page

We are creating 50 x 3d video tokens for each t-shirt on our collection.
We are very excited to put our first step into the new era of the web 3.0.

Our vision is to create a club of people excited to spread topics, messages, news of which they are passionate about, through a new mean: T-shirts.

Our core value is to be on the side of the artists. News on T-shirt is made from artists and it is done for the artists.

With this in mind, we want to give the artists the opportunity to have their own NFT and if sold, receive also the earnings from all transactions. A 10% fee of the selling price, which is the maximum available on the platform, will automatically go to their wallet. Isn’t that cool?

Welcome to the club!!

When you buy our NoT – NFTs you are not only buying a 3d video with a t-shirt inside.
You become a member of a club and receive benefits and gifts which increase over time.

How amazing is that!

Benefits & Gifts

When you buy a token you will have the following benefits and gifts:

– you will receive the t-shirt you have chosen and all cost and shipping fees will be included. You will get a unique coupon code to be used just by you on our online shop.
– You become an active player of the game, you can propose a new topic to be drawn by one of our artists and we will select one to be produced. We will make a t-shirt and the token will have your signature in it.
– you will receive random gifts either digital or coupons to use on our online shop.

Our promise is to keep up with the new era.

Stay tuned and follow our wave | spread the news and wear it on |