About us:

Our News on T-Shirt project has been created with the desire of making artistic T-Shirts that carry a message within.

Our mission is ” Spread the news and wear it on”

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and wanting to wear something particular, something meaningful to you, maybe searching for your favourite t-shirt, the one you feel something special for, which reminds you of a memory or inspires you for some other reasons.

Our desire is to create these special ones, t-shirts that are not anonymous but that carry meaning and feelings, passions and inspiration.

We believe in the idea of drawing news or topics of general interest, memories we don’t want to forget or events that are inspiring for us. We print them on T-Shirts and sell them to the public who are not only wearing nice artworks but are also sharing a message of their own particular interest.

Differently from traditional media. We not only read ideas, we also wear them on!

Each T-Shirt is an interpretation of the artist and comes with a description of the related news or topic along with links to mainstream press media.

With our new NFT project we want to support our artists even more.

Now it’s your time to take action, choose your favourite topics !
” Spread the news and wear it on”

We hope you like our project!

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