About us:

This project starts from the desire to make nice artistic t-shirts while adding information to them.
We want to circulate news worldwide through a new alternative mean, T-shirts! Differently from traditional media we aim to create artworks that are inspiring; we like to create content from news or general topics and wear it on.

Each t-shirt artwork will have a description and a link to the related news.
It’s a way to share news or topics that are particularly important to the artists and transfer them into a drawing.

Artists are the stars! We want them to be happy to join this project and for every T-shirt sold they will receive £3.

Ok, now have a look at our artworks and choose your favourite news.


We invite all artists interested in the project to send us an e-mail with a T-shirt idea they would like to make, the news they would like to draw about and we will be happy to get them involved.

A £3 margin will go to the artist for every T-shirt sold. For all further details please read our FAQ where we will explain you better how the project works.

Choose a news you would like to draw, follow your creativity and fun … and join the news on t-shirt team!