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Earth Overshoot Day T-Shirt

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.

On 22 August 2020 humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year. After that, we are maintaining our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are operating in overshoot.

We busted Earth’s budget!

Humans use as much ecological resources as if we lived on 1.6 Earths. The Ecological Footprint is the only metric that compares the resource demand of individuals, governments, and businesses against what Earth can renew

The Earth’s natural resources are vital to the survival and development of the human population. For a long time, humankind believed that natural resources were unlimited. However, these resources are limited by the Earth’s capability to renew them.

Two types of resources

There are two types of natural resources: renewable (or regenerative) and non-renewable.

  • Freshwater, harvesting products, forests, animals and wildlife are all renewable resources.
  • Minerals, oil, gas and coal are non-renewable resources.

The exploitation of both resources is increasing. Natural resources are essential for our survival, but if they are consumed at a faster rate than their natural regeneration, as is currently the case, they can be exhausted.

“We are in a bottleneck of overpopulation and wasteful consumption that could push half of Earth’s species to extinction in this century.” E.O. Wilson

2 key words

Overexploitation, also called over harvesting, refers to harvesting a renewable resource at a rate that is unsustainable, given their natural rates of mortality and capacities for reproduction. Continued overexploitation can lead to resource destruction, including extinctions.

Defaunation it’s the depletion of wildlife population. It is the extinction of animal populations or species from ecological communities creating what has been termed “empty forest”. It’s estimated that more than 50 percent of all wildlife has been lost in the last 40 years.

Human beings are depleting the planet’s natural resources and, unless immediate action is taken, standards of living will begin to decline by 2030.

Thus, if we continue at this rate, we would need 2.5 planets to supply ourselves in 2050, according to WWF.

Maybe we can make it, provided we act now, through steps small and big – but just act, no excuse not to will do.

Artwork: This artwork shows how we use Nature as a puppet without realising that doing so we are actually shooting at our own foot.


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Who we are

The News On T-Shirt artworks are created by different international artists in different stiles and techniques: 3d, 2d, painting, photo … you name it.

Our talented and growing team of artists first choose some news to draw and then they dedicate their time skills and passion to create a visual representation of it.

It’s an exciting creative process where they experiment and play with artistic tools. They also read, learn, research in order to deliver the message making it simple and entertaining.

We like the idea of wearing our own designs while delivering a message through it.

It’s our way of spreading world news around, creating inspiring artworks and wearing them on.

In conclusion, we’d like to share with you our motto and our mission which is keeping important news alive, spreading the message around and most importantly do not forget!

… and all of that … while having fun!

We hope you like our project!

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Now it’s your time.

Buy our Earth Overshoot Day T-Shirt and wear it on!



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This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

• 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (Heather colors contain polyester)
• Ash color is 99% combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% polyester
• Heather colors are 52% combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% polyester
• Athletic and Black Heather are 90% combed and ring-spun cotton, 10% polyester
• Heather Prism colors are 99% combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% polyester
• Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)
• Pre-shrunk fabric
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Side-seamed

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